Plotting with GeoCAT Tutorial#

The NCAR/UCAR virtual Python Tutorial Seminar Series continues with two sessions highlighting the functionality developed by NCAR’s GeoCAT team: 1) Plotting with GeoCAT on Wednesday, August 25th led by Anissa Zacharias and 2) GeoCAT-comp September 8th at 1 PM Mountain Daylight Time led by Alea Kootz. More information on the GeoCAT-comp tutorial TBA.

The content for the Plotting with GeoCAT tutorial is hosted on Anissa’s Plotting with GeoCAT Tutorial Repository.


  • Clone the repository with git clone

  • Create a conda environment from the environment.yml by first navigating into the repository with cd plotting-with-geocat-tutorial and then running conda env create -f environment.yml

  • Activate the environment by running conda activate plotting-with-geocat-tutorial

  • Launch JupyterLab by running jupyter lab.

Alternatively, click on the “launch binder” button in the README on the repository

You may find it useful to refress your Python plotting techniques, as covered in Anissa’s Matplotlib Tutorial.

Sign Up#

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