Intake-ESM Tutorial#

The Project Pythia Python Tutorial Seminar Series continues with the Intake-ESM Tutorial on Wednesday, December 8 at 1 PM Mountain Standard Time. This session will be led by Max Grover.

The content for this tutorial is hosted in the .ipynb notebook file(s) within the tutorial directory of this repository.


Max works as software engineer within the Climate and Global Dynamics Lab here at NCAR. He graduated with a B.S in meteorology from Valparaiso University in 2019 and will complete his M.S. in atmospheric science this spring at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

He works on Python-based tools to support climate model evaluation and contributes to the Earth System Data Science initiative. His research in graduate school focused on using observational data collected during the RELAMPAGO-CACTI campaign in Argentina to study mesoscale convective dynamics, primarily utilizing mobile radar observations as well as GOES-16 satellite imagery. This is not his first time working at UCAR – he took part in the Unidata summer internship program in 2019, working with Ryan May on contributing METAR parsing functionality to MetPy, which motivated him to pursue a career in software engineering.

He enjoys hiking, visiting breweries, and spending time on the water (his summer job, prior to graduate school, was at a resort in southern Wisconsin where he worked as a tour boat captain on Delavan Lake). He is also a big fan of Hawaiian shirts, with a collection of more than 40.


All of the tutorials in this organization can be followed by clicking the “Launch Binder” button at the top level or in each directory.

You may also download the environment to run locally:

  • Check your conda install with conda --version and if necessary install by following these instructions.

  • Clone this repository by running git clone in your terminal.

  • Still in the terminal, create a Conda environment from the environment.yml file by first moving into the intake-esm-tutorial_2021_12_08 directory with cd intake-esm-tutorial_2021_12_08 and then conda env create --file environment.yml

  • Activate your environment in the terminal with conda activate pythia-intake-esm-tutorial.

  • Test your installation by launching JupyterLab with jupyter lab.

Sign Up#

To receive the Zoom link and password, please join the Google group and Calendar.

To join the Google Group, follow this link and click “Join Group” next to the group name.

By attending this tutorial, you are subject to the NCAR/UCAR Code of Conduct

Tutorial Recording#

This tutorial will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel. [Note: A Project Pythia team member will replace this section with the embedded video once it is ready.]