Recap of a (Re)Introduction to Earth System Data Science (ESDS) Across NCAR/UCAR/UCP#

ESDS hosted a (Re)Introduction to Earth System Data Science (ESDS) Across NCAR/UCAR/UCP on November 10-11, 2022. This blog post serves to consolidate and share resources from that event.


The final agenda from the event can be found here.

Event Recordings#

The recordings from the plenary sessions can be found here: Day 1 and Day 2.

Presentation Slides#

The Introduction to ESDS slides from the first day can be found here. The ESDS Forum slides and open discussion notes from the second day can be found here.

Breakout Group Materials#

The breakout sessions during the morning of the first day followed a flipped classroom model, where participants watched some tutorials and practiced on their own before coming together in your breakout group to troubleshoot, ask questions, or dive deeper.

The breakout groups were:

Each section links to a Google Doc with the associated materials.

Resources Guide#

We would also like to draw your attention to the ESDS Resources Guide which serves as a one-stop-shop covering ESDS activities and how to get involved.


Thanks to the following individuals who helped make this event happen:

Organizing Committee: Orhan Eroglu (chair), Deepak Cherian (co-chair), Heather Craker, Katie Dagon, Elena Romashkova
Tutorials: Julia Kent, Anissa Zacharias, Alea Kootz, Philip Chmielowiec, Stas Jaroszynski
Support: Taysia Peterson, Paul Martinez, Nick Remple

And thanks everyone for your participation!