The Python Tutorial Series Returns this Summer!#

The Python Tutorial Series returns on every other Thurday at 1 PM Mountain starting May 26th with the 5-part “Your First” Python Tutorial series. The first lesson, “Opening a .txt File”, covers how to create your first Python script to open some simple data. Some tutorials will be 1-off lessons on specific topics, while others will span multiple sessions.

We will begin by following through the Xdev tutorial website, designed to introduce Python to scientists who already have a good deal of programming experience, albeit with a different language. Our main audience is NCAR scientists, but anyone who has some experience working in the terminal and understanding of basic coding structures who wants geoscience-applicable examples will find this tutorial series helpful and reqarding.

Calendar So Far#

  • May 26th - “Your First” Python Tutorial: Reading a .txt File

  • June 9th - “Your First” Python Tutorial: Creating a Data Dictionary

  • June 23rd - “Your First” Python Tutorial: Writing Functions

  • July 7th - “Your First” Python Tutorial: Creating a Package

  • July 21st - “Your First” Python Tutorial: Using an External Package

  • August 4th - Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks


Julia Kent is an NCAR Software Engineer in Boulder, Colorado. Julia has made contributions to Python packages such as Xarray and Intake. She uses her background in atmospheric and oceanic sciences to create better Python learning resources for geoscientists as part of Pangeo and Project Pythia.


The “Your First” Python Tutorial series sessions are designed to be run on the Terminal.

Follow the Python installation instructuions on the Xdev website.

Sign Up#

If you would like to join the Google group to be informed of updates and events in the tutorial series, please do so by following this link and clicking “Join Group” next to the group name.